One of a Kind Spring Show

A few days ago I enjoyed an evening at the One of a Kind Spring show with some lovely friends. I haven’t been to the show in years, opting to hit up the local, indie craft shows instead. And although this show did feel more corporate than the smaller ones I’m used to, it was a fantastic experience with lots of familiar makers and I will definitely be returning for the next one.

The One of a Kind or OOAK show brings together a curated selection of makers who sample and sell their products in a huge marketplace. The market itself is a bit of a mish mash with vendors selling everything from handmade dog collars to pottery but several areas are split into categories like “green” or “fashion” which helps with navigation. There is also an entire section dedicated to food vendors which we saved for last. Below are some of my highlights from the show.

Murphy & Jo Candle Co.

We were initially pulled towards this booth because one of the ladies in our craft show gang is named Jo! However after a quick chat, we learned that the company is much more than a cute name. The two women behind Murphy & Jo are great friends and they run this  candle making company as a side-hustle that raises money for a local dog rescue organization. In fact, Murphy and Jo(ey) are the names of their dogs! Being the dog lovers that we are, we all left the show with a candle from this booth. All of their candles smell amazing and after much deliberation, I purchased the rice flower shea one. These candles would make great gifts which was my initial intention but I’ve since decided that I can’t bear to part with it 😉


Lou Brown Vintage

The next standout booth was one that appealed to another friend in our group who has a bit of a potty mouth. Lou Brown Vintage takes vintage saucers and transfers original art images and sassy sayings on to them to hang on your wall. The combination of the delicate saucers and the crass sayings is pure genius and although I didn’t buy one at the show, I’ve certainly added it to my shopping list and will be visiting her Etsy store soon.

Himalaya Gourmet

The lovely couple at this booth had me try pretty much every sauce they had as well as a super yummy aloo gobi. I fell in love with the mango chutney and decided to grab a butter masala cooking sauce as well since we make a lot of curries at home these days. The great thing about using a quality cooking sauce is a that it allows you to make a delicious meal in a very short amount of time. If you prep your veggies beforehand, it’s as simple as throwing it all together in a pan and then making a pot of rice or warming up some naan.

Himalaya gourmet products


A few years back at a local craft show, I bought a Bookhou tote bag and it has been a weekend staple every since – perfect for when I’m running errands or stopping at the market. I’ve been eyeing their cross body bags for awhile now and stopped by the booth to take a quick look at the new items. Recent additions include these adorable backpacks as well as some new prints on old favourites. We were running short on time so I grabbed a business card to remind me to check out their Toronto shop soon.

Moss Creek Wool Works

I’ve had dryer balls on my shopping list for what seems like ages now but I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on buying the plastic ones – especially as we are trying to lower our reliance on plastics at home. Thankfully, I spotted this company’s pure wool dryer balls and immediate snagged a set of 3. These balls cut down on drying time, make your clothes soft and reduce static and wrinkles. So basically, they are magic. I’ve used them twice now and am really impressed with how great they work.

wool dryer balls

LEMO Lemonade

I’m not exactly a lemonade fan but after tasting this product, I can honestly say I’ve been converted. LEMO makes small batch lemonade syrups that you just add water to. They can also be used to make tasty cocktails! The second we get a taste of summer here in Toronto you can bet I will be whipping up a pitcher of lemonade and relaxing on the back deck with a good book and glass in hand.


Other show favourites:

There were SO many amazing vendors at the show and I’m sure I missed some great ones but it was all a bit of a blur. In fact, I purposely avoided many of the jewelry booths as handmade jewelry is my shopping weakness and I didn’t want to go broke 😉 But I can’t wait for the next show and I’ll be saving my pennies for some new pieces to add to my jewelry collection!

The One of a Kind Show is on until tomorrow at the Enercare Centre in Toronto so you still have some time to check it out. Show info and tickets are available here.

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