Say Thank You with Succulents

One of my favourite things about our wedding (other than the actual getting married part of course) was all of the personal crafty touches. Thankfully, with Pinterest in it’s early, ad-free days and DIY wedding blogs popping up all over the internet, it was easy to find inspiration. In fact, I had so much fun using Pinterest for wedding planning that I kept on pinning long after the big day. Check out my board here

One of the easiest and most popular projects was our thank you takeaways. I had wanted to do something that could be planted and was leaning towards tiny evergreens but ended up falling hard for the succulent trend. The end result was adorable, on-trend and lasting. To this day, family and friends will point out to us where the tiny plants ended up in their garden or on their windowsills. 

Part 1 – The potted plants


  • Your favourite plants (we bought several flats of Hens-and-Chicks at Home Depot)
  • Tiny terra cotta pots (we bought 2” ones at the dollar store)
  • Soil and pebbles
  • Moss (optional)


  • Add a few pebbles to the bottom of each terra cotta pot to help with drainage
  • Add some soil on top of the pebbles
  • Gently separate the plants and place them in the pots
  • Add some more soil as needed
  • Place a bit of moss on top to cover the soil (optional)

Part 2 – The thank you banners 



  • Medium weight cardstock
  • Toothpicks
  • Small thank you stamp and ink pad
  • Bone folder or popsicle stick
  • Strong glue (I used Zip Dry but you could get away with plain old white glue)
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (optional)
  • Heavy book (optional)


  • Cut your cardstock into 6”x 1” strips using a paper cutter or scissors
  • Fold each piece in half and use your scissors to cut out a triangle at the end
  • Spread glue along the inside of the folded paper strip – make sure you get the glue right to the fold because this is where your toothpick will go
  • Place the toothpick along the fold line (Note: It’s important to get a good glue bind – especially around the toothpick. Otherwise, the flag will just slide down. I used a bone folder to really press the paper together along the toothpick edge and then put a heavy book on top of the paper with the toothpick lined up at the edge)
  • Once glue is dry, stamp the thank you message (Note: we also had a custom stamp made with our names and a heart to stamp on the back but you could do your wedding date or anything really)
  • Pop your banner into the potted plant

I hope you will try this project and make it your own! There are so many fun variations! You could play around with size by using a cut down wooden skewer for a larger banner and can use different sized pots and plants. For example I’ve used this same method to make a birthday banner for some potted lavender.

Happy crafting!

Credits: Featured image by HRM Photography

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