Baby’s First Quilt (kinda)

In the past few years, the bridal shower invitations that used to clutter my mailbox have been replaced with baby shower invitations. And while I’m not a fan of shower games, I do love an opportunity to make a unique (and tiny) gift! After playing around with knit booties and scrapbooks, I came up with the idea to make a baby quilt. I had seen numerous patterns online to make baby blankets with that soft minky/chenille fabric and I wanted to find a way to do something a bit more challenging. And while I’ve never officially learned how to quilt (Take a quilting class if high on my 2017 to-do list), I figured it wouldn’t be too tricky to patch something together.

With a close friend due to give birth in the coming months, I announced to another girlfriend that we would be making baby quilts! Always up for a challenge, she accepted and we stumbled along, cutting and sewing random squares and rectangles. I don’t know if the finished products technically counted as quilts since we didn’t do a batting layer or any actual quilting but we did end up with some very cozy little patchwork baby blankets. 

Since that first project, I’ve made many more baby blankets and gifted them to some very cool kiddos.

8 thoughts on “Baby’s First Quilt (kinda)

  1. I can say from experience that you make the most beautiful, high quality quilts ever. I LOVE them and so do my wee ones. My 3-year-old still insists his “blankie” stay in close proximity at all times. You are so talented. Thank you for these beautiful gifts! Xo


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